A stone evocative of the South Seas - where the hues of sky and sea blend so closely that it is difficult to differentiate water from air. 

Physical: Turquoise elevates the spirit to the sky and is involved in the regulation of the body's vital fluids.
It has a purifying action on the body's vital fluids: blood, urine, semen, cerebrospinal fluid, hormonal secretions. It is effective against poisoning, high cholesterol and sugars. It also protects the mucous membranes of the throat, nose, skull and eyes.
Spiritual: It is a living stone with the capacity to protect loved ones from the bearer's own negative thoughts. It absorbs negative energies so that they fade and diminish - in this process the colour of the stone can change as it is sacrificed for the benefit of the bearer.
It also protects from negativity emitted by the surrounding environment - be it physical, emotional or spiritual.
It is a positive stone which aids in the discernment of good from evil.
Turquoise is a sincere stone and reinforces friendship and mutual affection. Stone of eternal youth, it gives a solidity to understanding from which courage and intuitive know-how can build upon. Turquoise is a good regulator of the nervous system. Its soothing effects help to control outbursts of anger.
Turquoise aids in the facilitation of effective communication by promoting self expression and strengthening the capacity to listen to others.

Physical: Malachite is a stone that absorbs energy, particularly those negative energies associated with physical pain. It is useful in the relief of rheumatism through it's capacity to reduce excess urea in the body. Thus it also alleviates joint problems, arthritis and osteoarthritis. It has a diuretic effect.
It deepens breathing and increases lung capacity.
A circular cabochon of malachite worn over the heart chakra is ideal for rebalancing the whole body.

Spiritual: Malachite promotes the ability of the wearer to be persuasive in a clear, assured and structured manner.
It is beneficial in the releasing of emotional blockages and facilitates the flow of healing tears.  It helps in bringing the unconscious to conscious awareness so as to be healed.

Astrological Signs: Libra, Capricorn, Taurus

Astrological signs of choice: Libra, Capricorn, Taurus. (From "The Dictionary of Lithotherapy" Reynald Georges BOSCHIERO)



Physical: The Peridot has excellent anti-fatigue properties and facilitates digestion. It strengthens the body's natural immune defences.
Emotionally and Mentally: Peridot's has energizing, restorative and purifying properties. It gives great vitality to the body and mind. At the same time it is a balancing stone which quietens the mind on the emotional level. It brings a touch of humor. Peridot alleviates a tendency to jealousy, whether that be within the realms of love or envy for that which others have.
Spiritual: Peridot maintains a balances when there are negative influences. In conjunction with Labradorite it is useful for those in medical professions by diffusing negative energy emitted by their patients.

Astrological Signs: Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Taurus.



Physical: Lapis lazuli has many healing properties. It is recommended to calm the nerves of highly strung people. When worn over the heart chakra it helps to heal skin diseases - dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, acne. It has a soothing effect on insect bites. It fights allergies, asthma. When worn over the throat chakra it calms coughing and sneezing.

Emotional and Mental: Lapis Lazuli is a stone of good humor that stimulates the intellect and imagination - shrewdness, resourcefulness, creativity. The stone embodies a strong personality and attracts love and happiness. It promotes introspection and seeks to discover physical and psychological shortcomings, always for a higher good.
Spiritual: Lapis Lazuli stabilizes the mind and allows the elevation of the soul, bring equanimity to the wearer.

Astrological signs: Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius.

Red coral is a regulator of the blood system. It relieves varicose veins and hemorrhoids, purifies the blood, stops bleeding.
Pink coral is useful in overcoming emotional conflict  and feelings of fear.  
Black coral touches the subconscious and dreamworld. It helps to get out of depression. It is especially advantageous with skeletal problems - decalcification, fractures, bone cancer, rheumatism. It is suggested that older people should wear coral permanently.

The corals we use here are all fossilized coral.





It’s name comes from the ancient Greek ‘rhodon’ meaning ‘rose’.
Rhodochrosite dissolves anxiety and stress. It regulates emotion. It refocuses the mind - especially with problems of unbridled imagination, extreme jealousy and inability to separate things and see the reality.

It’s soothing effects also extend to heart problems. Additionally it helps to treat gastric ulcers, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.



Carnelian is useful in calming anger and absorbing emotional energy. It is useful in coalescing scattered thoughts and bringing clarity.

It is not recommended for hypertension. It is recommended for procreation. It absorbs negative energies that cause blockages, infertility, impotence and frigidity.



Physical: Amethyst is used to combat poisoning of many types. This could be alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs, etc. It calms the stomach and helps the functioning of the liver. Placed near a wound it aids in the healing of burns. It is useful in the relief of headaches.

Mental and Spiritual: Amethyst is a stone of wisdom and humility. It promotes spiritual growth, meditation and concentration. It stimulates the imagination and creativity. It brings serenity - soothing anguish and anger - rebalancing the mind.



This stone symbolizes the innocence of childhood.
It contributes to the happiness and reconciliation of lovers. Excellent for the mind, it stimulates the imagination, bringing softness and sensitivity.

Moonstone can bring premonitory dream and aid in the development of intuition. It brings a softness and tolerance to harsh personalities and brings greater perspective to those caught in a materialistic world.
It regulates the menstrual cycle and helps solve infertility problems in women. It relieves pain by suppressing excessive gastric acid production.



Physical: Rose Quartz effectively supports the entire circulatory system - from the heart to the finest capillary through the veins, arteries and all blood vessels. It lowers blood pressure. It allows for the faster absorbs ion of bruises.

It helps to calm hyperactive or unfuly children.  It is safe for children and adolescents.
It’s qualities are smoothness, infinite tenderness, inner peace, absolute peace and spirituality.  It is sensitive and delicate.  It heals the deepest emotional wounds. It raises awareness of the joys of love even in the most hardened hearts.  It compensates for emotional trauma suffered in childhood.

Astrological signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra.



Citrine’s property is that of heat.
Physical: Citrine diffuses positive, invigorating energy. It is particularly useful for those convalescing.  Citrine can promotes digestion by aiding in the production of enzymes. It invigorates the body and alleviates fatigue.
Emotionally and Mentally: Citrine is a stone suitable for solar plexus chakra. It is fundamentally positive.   It radiates joy and good heartedness.  It warms the mind and assists in concentration.  It is excellent for exam reviews and intense intellectual work.
Spiritual: Citrine can bring greater prosperity. It is associated with joy, friendliness, respect for others and generosity.

Astrological signs: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini.


Physical: Garnet is particularly effective when used for detoxification (tobacco, caffeine, drugs; etc).  It supports the courage of the wearer to stop. Garnet is also effective in fighting blood poisoning.  
Emotionally and Mentally:  Garnet is a stone of great intuition, imagination and creativity.  It is affiliated with a sense of good taste - a refinement of spirit - beautiful objects and beautiful clothes.  It is also a stone that conveys a certain nostalgia for the past, an idle and comfortable past away from the hustle and din of the modern world.  Thus, it is good for relaxation.

Garnet gives a taste and appreciation for work well done - for meticulousness within a rhythm of time.